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Employment issues through all stages of the business lifecycle



  • Drafting of and amendment to employment contracts 
  • Analysis of double status of employee and office manager
  • Implementation of international mobility 
  • Procedures related to disciplinary action 
  • Procedures related to the termination of employment contracts (dismissal, legal termination, amicable termination, retirement, negotiation & settlement)
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    • Negotiation,  drafting and termination of collective agreement (remuneration, benefits, working time, ...)

    • Strike negotiation

    • Implementation of ethical charts / codes of conduct 

    • Staff and trade union representation (professional elections, information/consultation procedure)

    • Implementation of economic and social units

    • Profit-sharing and savings plans

    • Harmonization of collective status



  • Company transfer : obligations and consequences of legal operations on individual (employment contract) and collective status (agreements, customs, unilateral decisions, staff representation) and in particular outsourcing operations.
  • Restructuring and downsizing (redundancy and plan for safeguard of employment)
  • Professional and geographical mobility
  • Due diligence, vendor due diligence, compliance
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  • Civil: electoral and industrial (Civil Tribunal, Industrial Tribunal, Court of  appeal)
  • Administrative for protected employees (Labor Inspector, administrative Tribunal, administrative Court of appeal)
  • Social security after adjustments from social bodies (Amicable Commission, social security Tribunal)
  • Criminal: impediment, concealed work, loan of personnel (Criminal Tribunal and Court of appeal)